Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, 进入一个新的职业领域, 或者希望在当前的职业生涯中得到提升, you need relevant experience to be competitive in the job market. However, a typical internship opportunity may not fit the schedule and/or lifestyle of many ballbet体育 students.  协助你, University of Maryland Global Campus has created InternPLUS, a resource to help you identify flexible and creative ways to gain experience to reach your next professional goal.  

通过InternPLUS, ballbet体育's 职业服务 team is collaborating with numerous employers to develop unique work and experiential learning opportunities. InternPLUS features a wide array of resources for finding these resume-enhancing experiences. 国际实习计划的机会包括:  

  • 基于项目的经验  
  • 虚拟体验  
  • 志愿活动  
  • 兼职及全职实习  
  • 临时职位 
  • 应届毕业生职位 

InternPLUS contains both paid and unpaid work experiences with government agencies, 盈利性公司, 和非营利性组织. This resource is available to all ballbet体育 students and alumni. 取 InternPLUS导航器测试 to learn which InternPLUS opportunity may be best for you. 



There are several different types of internships including paid, 无薪/志愿者, and cooperative education (also known as co-op or for-credit). Employers determine whether or not they are able to pay their interns; however, 他们必须遵守美国的规定.S. 公平劳动标准法案.  More information about these standards can be on the U.S. 劳工部网站.


Undergraduate ballbet体育 students may be eligible to obtain credit for internships. These opportunities are often called cooperative education, 或合作社, 也可以称为实习, 校外实习期, 还有临时或兼职工作.   

职业服务 does not oversee for-credit internships 或合作社. These are coordinated by the 工作场所学习 Program. To determine if you are eligible for a co-op, review the application process and deadlines in 工作场所学习. Although many co-op or 工作场所学习 internships are unpaid, students are eligible to receive compensation when completing these experiences.