A degree or certificate from ballbet体育下载 could be your key to advancement, whether you want to strengthen your credentials in the military or set yourself apart in the civilian workforce. 与 在线课程世界各地的地点, you won't have to worry about deployments or relocation affecting your education.

Kick Start Your Career at a 军事-Trusted University

  • A wide range of programs to complement your skills 和 experience: 从90度以上的角度挑, 专门化, 和证书, most available entirely online in areas such as business, IT, 网络安全, 公共安全, 和更多的, 几乎全部都可以在网上找到. 浏览 联系起来的, 学士, 硕士, 证书.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable faculty who underst和 your challenges: 我们的许多 教员 bring professional experience to the classroom, some have served in the military, just like you. 的y underst和 the unique obstacles to higher education that can arise for military servicemembers, 退伍军人, 以及他们的家人和家属.
  • 军事- 和 veteran-trusted programs 和 policies: 我们的专用 军队和退伍军人 can help you choose the program that's right for you 和 navigate your education benefits, financial aid, scholarships, other payment options. 另外,我们的 转移信用之前的学习 options allow you to receive credit for military 和 other experience, 这样你就能更快地拿到学位.



Check out popular 学士 degrees for servicemembers.


Check out in-dem和 硕士 degrees for servicemembers.


与我们的 程序比较工具, you can evaluate as many as three degrees, 专门化, 和证书 side by side. Explore program descriptions, cost, 转移信用, program formats, course content, 和更多的. 发现你的程序? 使用我们的 时间和学费估计 to get your estimated 学费, fees, graduation date.


ballbet体育欧洲 和 ballbet体育亚洲 students may enroll in any online degree or certificate program. In addition, special division-specific programs are available on-site overseas. 请参阅完整的列表 ballbet体育亚洲项目ballbet体育欧洲项目.